Soy Candle Wood Wick Red White and Blue Patriotic Made in USA Upcycled Reusable Clear Glass Containers

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Upcycled, reusable clear glass with vertical beveled stripes filled with red, white, and blue soy wax and USA made cherry wood wicks.

Natural soy wax is a renewable resource and burns cleaner and longer than traditional candles.

American made Cherry Wood Wicks have a fast burn pool, create very little smoke and soot, and offer a tantalizing crackling sound when burning.

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Burn time: Over 40 hours each

"Love your Footprint"

*While I do my best to select only the best containers, these are UPCYCLED containers and may have minor defects.

* is not affiliated with the manufacturing or distribution of the original container and recognizes that said companies are trademarked and registered.