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Put a Wick in It Candles is committed to crafting high quality candles with an eye towards minimizing our environmental impact.  We select unique vessels and upcycle them into beautiful, one of a kind, unique candles.  While at the same time, reducing single use plastic and also recycling our packing and cleaning materials.

Most of our projects use natural, long burning soy wax. Soy is a renewable resource and burns much cleaner than paraffin. For others, we recycle once used paraffin wax, hence giving used candles a second chance.
(All contents clearly labeled on each candle)

We don’t use new cotton wicks. Cotton wicks require chemical processing that natural hemp and wood wicks do not. We do however, on occasion, reuse cotton wicks from our recycled candles on certain projects. Thus, giving them an additional use BL(Before Landfill).
(Again, all contents clearly labeled on each candle.)

Our CANdles line has been successful in giving a “second use” to tin food cans. We also do our cleanup using "once loved" cotton t-shirts that have outlived their usefulness as t-shirts. Our shipping materials are “second use” plastics, paper, and boxes when possible.

We craft candles with an eye towards reducing our environmental footprint!

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