Pina Colada Scented Soy CANdle Hemp Wick Repurposed Eco Friendly Gag Gift

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Eco Friendly Pineapple Can CANdle (8oz)
Refreshing Pina Colada Scent
Long Burning Soy Wax Organic Hand Braided  Hemp Wick

Funny gag gift for vegan and vegetarian friends and coworkers!! Hilarious!
Always good for a chuckle!

Click for complete selection of recycled food can CANdles!

More pineapple themed selections!

Natural soy wax is  renewable  and burns cleaner and longer than typical candles.

Organic beeswax coated hemp wicks are free of GMO’s, toxic chemicals, PVC, formaldehyde, dioxin, and heavy metals. Burn more cleanly as well as  produce less soot than cotton wicks.

*WARNING  May contain traces of Pineapple

"Love your Footprint"

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